About Us

Alpachi brand supports the Iranian market in the field of high consumption products from production to supply and today, focusing on Iranian orthodox tea, provides quality products from the forests of Hyrcania-Sia Hamzagi. The development of orthodox tea and offering a product suitable for the taste of Iranian people is the result of the efforts of the experienced teams of this brand in the fields of quality control, production and research and development.

Siahmezgi orthodox tea from the Hyrcanian forests of Iran

Mezegi Black Tea Factory uses the traditional method of processing, including all stages, (Orthodox) tea picking to drying. This method has made the polyphenolics in the tea leaves to be preserved and the final product is rich in antioxidants, antibacterials and anticariogenics. The Hyrcanian forests form a green arc of the biome, which is separated from the Caucasus mountains in the west and semi-desert areas in the east. The history of these broadleaf forests goes back to 25 to 50 million years ago. The world heritage of these forests stretches 850 km along the southern shores of the Caspian Sea. The tea plant of this region, despite the rich soil of several million years and the presence of mountain dews, is faced with an increase in effective amino acids, which finally has a significant antioxidant level with orthodox processing. Complexity of taste and unique aromas.